The What, Why and Who of #OutSmartBK.

What is #OutSmartBK?

#OutSmartBK is a month­ long awareness campaign dedicated to encouraging safe and alert fun. #OutSmartBK reminds the public to care for their personal safety by using practical knowledge. Together we can build a stronger, safer community in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick ­one smart decision at a time.

Organized by Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants (BABAR) and supported by dozens more, #OutSmartBK will use social media and real­ world events to raise awareness about personal safety. Based on the shared experiences of our local hospitality operators, BABAR realized that our establishments can play a vital role in promoting and maintaining a safer community. After months of planning and collaborating, #OutSmartBK was born.

Weekly Themes

#OutSmartBK will feature 4 main weekly themes & develop a series of “safety tips” to coincide with each theme. These tips will be translated into fun Instagram posts, which will be designed to encourage the further participation of our followers.

Stay Alert

personal property, elevator safety, watch out for your friends

Travel Smart

getting home safely when walking or taking public transportation

Bike Safe

safe riding, bike registration, helmets

Date Safe

safe dating tips, red flags, party etiquette, respecting boundaries

Who's Involved?

Participating Establishments


Coming Soon